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2013. February.

This last two months we´ve been collaborating with the company Le Petit theatre de Pain in Pau, France. We´ve built 18 natural-size maniquies and two puppets. It´s been a intense and amazing experience. Some pictures here...

A brief story of the company

Dejabu panpin laborategia began it´s path one evening in 2001, when Ainara Gurrutxaga and Urko Redondo (that´s us!) decided that we wanted to make theatre that we enjoy, combining things we like, puppetry, physical theatre and anything else that takes our fancy! There are other lovely people that make up what we are and what we do, they are writers, musicians, painters, costume designers, performers...

We started creating  works for children like How beautiful is Panama or Riiru xol, in which we discovered different puppet- techniques like bunraku, marionettes or shadows. In 2005, wanting to deepen the study of the performing arts we decided to go overseas. We landed in London. We studied physical theatre and puppetry there.  From that time are the experimental works Ikara and Wait.

Two years later, back at home, we felt the need to create a theatre in which puppets and actors will share the stage. From that curiosity born the play Covek nije optical-Man is not bird, the work that has received numerous awards in it´s career: Best performance at ACT festival in Bilbao (2008), best director  in Prague Puppet Festival (2009) and the award for best actress in Subotica theatre festival in Serbia (2010).

In 2010  we created the work for children Azken Portua-The last port mixing puppet, alive music and acting. At the same time we presented Errautsak along with two other Basque companies. The play received the Donostia Saria Award in 2011.

Our newest show is Gure bide galduak (2011), collectively devised theatre piece based on the recent history in the Basque Country. It´s been awarded with the Donostia Saria 2012 and it has been published by Artezblai editions.

At the same time the company has collaborated with other Basque companies in the last years as director assistants, actors or puppet makers. We worked with Antzerkiola Imaginarioa, Tanttaka, Gar produkzioak, Metrokoadroka, Huts teatroa, Anakrusa dance-theatre company, Rouge Elea, Ttak. 

Meanwhile the company has been receiving workshops from other creators as Philippe Genty company at (London School of Speech and Drama, 2009), with Stephen Motran (London , 2008), Javier Swedski (Theatre Organic, Paris 2010) or Espe Lopez from LegaleĆ³n-T (Taller Legaleon Irun 2010).